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Safety Turtle Dealers Outside United States

For orders outside United States please contact your local dealer below or contact RJE Technologies, Inc. at safetyturtle@rjeint.com or 949-943-3349.

AUS The Safety Store www.SafeAus.com.au
Belgium Zwembad BVBA www.zwembad.eu
Cayman Island Pool Patrol www.poolpatrol.ky/safetyturtle
Canada SafetySuperstore www.safetysuperstore.com
Canada Tesco-Shopping www.tesco-shopping.com
Chile HemelLimitada www.hemel.cl
France Hydro Groupe www.vigipiscine.com, www.poolzenspa.fr
France Securite Alarme Mediterran www.123alarme.fr
Marinique AquaRelax www.aquarelaxcaraibes.com
Netherlands EuropeanVIP www.europeanvip.nl
Portugal Splash Pools www.splashpools.pt
South Africa Safetkids www.SafeTkids.co.za
Spain Segurbaby www.segurbaby.com
Spain EuropeanVIP www.europeanvipsecurity.es 
Sweden 4Spas Nordic www.4spas.se
UK SafeWater Alarm www.safewateralarms.co.uk