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Wood River YMCA

"Working great!"
West End House Boys and Girls Club

“Love it!”
Parma Community Hospital

“The staff says it works great and they love it.”
Binghamton Jewish Community Center

“We set it up and it works great! Thank you for all your help throughout this process.”
Butler-Gast YMCA

“It went like a snap and works great!”
Southern Prairie YMCA

“It works great!”
Montgomery County YMCA

“The system works great, easy to operate and been used once since we got it. Hopefully they last!”
Dawn, Potomac, MD

“Our rescue dogs don’t go out back without their Turtles on their collars. It let's us know they were in the pool, more than once.”
Ryhan, Irvine, CA

“I can't live without this product!!!”

“They love it at our Sammamish YMCA and they would like to purchase one!”
Stuart C Gildred Family YMCA

”We received our Turtles today. Kudos guys, that was incredibly fast.”

“The new base is working great! Thanks again. Great product!”

“Your reaction time is greatly appreciated and we will make a recommendation to our friends who will be equipped with such an alarm system. Again, thank you.”
Karen, San Clemente

“Wow, Safety Turtle is the best product ever!!!!! Reliable, easy to install and my kids love them!”
Mike Reid, Tucson, AZ

"Purchased a Safety Turtle for my young son recently. Was concerned about the quality of the product, but was very relieved when I saw the real deal. Easy to set up and my son thinks it's cool. Thanks."
Lorraine, Hamptons, NY

“My daughter loves wearing her Turtle wristband and we feel so relieved that she is safe."